Paul van der Veldt

Paul originates from a classic nest.  As a boy soprano he performed in Bach’s Mattheus Passion at the age of 8. From an early age he has been making music. Paul studied singing and piano and chose primarily for light music. In the beginning of is career he had a practice as a singing teacher and taught at the High School of Arts in Amsterdam. After that he decided to go on the stage himself.

After his Major role in the Minimal Pop Opera Production “Born Twice” , where he met the classical singer Carla,  the classical singing art came back into his life. Paul: “we melted together in the so-called cross over repertoire. Writing our own songs and building up a very diverse repertoire we travelled around the world together, with highlights as the Plaza in New York, the Gaia square in Hong Kong and amazing locations in countries as Peru, Italy and Spain. I love to sing with the three of us now. Belinda is a lovely girl and a beautiful singer.