Belinda Vermeer

Belinda was born and raised in Haarlem. She comes from a close family with love for the business. Belinda: “at our home there always was music. I loved to listen to my parents while they were at work. In a very playful manner I learned the most difficult aria’s one after the other. My love for classical music developed in a very natural way. Singing second voices also, because Paul is very good at it.”

Belinda is a graduate of the Dutch Academy for Performing Arts, where as a vocalist she is also trained in other styles of music. As a soloist she performed among others, during the 2nd Theatre Tour of the Boys Band “LA The Voices”; Highlights? Belinda: “Performing for the royal family at the Beatrix Theatre and of course our national pride: Theatre Carré. Besides classical music Belinda also loves jazz. Idols? Michael Bublé and Maria Callas!